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On-line agent authorisation problem

On-line agent authorisation problem

I have just begun acting for a client and need to file a VAT return by the end of today. The previous agent filed using their agent codes and obviously I can't use those. Last Wednesday I requested the authorisation code to be sent to my client that would enable me to file their VAT return online. The client received the code in this morning's post. I have tried to enter the code and lo and behold it is not possible because of the maintenance work. So how am I supposed to file the return now?? The client has paid the VAT but it will still be classed as late because the return has not been filed. Any ideas what can be done? I guess I will have good grounds for an appeal against any penalties. 


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By occca
07th Apr 2012 12:30

I can access VAT Online

Wonder if it's because it's a new code that there is a problem

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07th Apr 2012 14:18

You won't get a penalty

I've had clients in similar positions who have paid vat on time and the return has been submitted late.

I've just tried logging on using my agent code and another business code, both worked.

Give it a try again;o)



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07th Apr 2012 15:42

Online agent authorisation

This part of the system went down on 5 April.

Unless you are already authorised you will not be able to enter the code until the 8th, but I would expect this only stops you filing through the HMRC website..

Do you file vat returns using commercial software - I do one client that way and only have to enter my normal username and password. If you try this it should let you send the return in but you may not get the response very quickly.


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08th Apr 2012 20:14

keep the screen shots

Keep the screen shots.  You have soldi grounds for an appeal.

Name another business which takes their whole system down twice a year for 3 to 5 days at a stretch!

They are dreadful.


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