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On line filing conundrum

On line filing conundrum

New client and I am registered as her agent. Some weeks ago I started filling out her 10/11 SA return using HMRC web site. I left the return uncompleted as there was missing expenditure which I now have.

Logging back in today, the 2010/11 year is not listed as an option to file, or listed at all . I can view 2009/10 (which the client did on line themselves) and could file a 2011/12 return, but I cannot get into the 21010/11 return. I phoned the technical helpdesk who said that I shouldn't have been able to access the 10/11 return as none was issued and to contact her tax office to request a return be issued. I thought that no automatic requests for returns were issued for tax payers that file oneline and in any event the on line system allows this where no return has been requested. 

Interestingly the client has not been fined £100 for a late return - I can only assume that as her income in 09/10 was from employment (she became self employed in October 2010) that HMRC took her out of the SA system.

That of course doesn't explain why the 10/11 return has disappeared. She is paying claSS two nic's so should be expected to send SA's.

What to do?


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20th Apr 2012 01:40

Third party software

" I thought that no automatic requests for returns were issued for tax payers that file oneline"

Why did you think that? HMRC send a form requesting a return but not a blank return.

The NIC Class 2 and IT systems are not linked. 

Why don't you use third party software and ensure you have less problems due to HMRC?"

Why does an enter at the end of one line delete characters at the end of the line above? AccountingWeb's comment box is absolute rubbish.

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20th Apr 2012 09:49

they sent no form

and I have not submitted a blank return - i never got that far. Their system has always worked before so i see no n (saw) no need to use 3rd party software.

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20th Apr 2012 11:11

How long?

I just wonder how long it will be before you have another problem with HMRC software.

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24th Apr 2012 10:50

a result

HMRC helpline phoned to advise the client file would be re-instated in the next few days!

Deep joy.

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