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On Xero but want to set up group VAT registration

Best way forward - replace Xero or workaround?

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Client is small group and currently use Xero for each group company. For various reasons group VAT would be a good idea but Xero can't handle this (so I understand).

We've had a workaround suggested but it's not ideal.

Any suggestions?



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Jason Croke
By Jason Croke
22nd Oct 2021 10:32

What's the workaround? Why is not ideal? If we know what your idea is, the contributors here might be able to validate it or offer suggestions.

Xero does not do VAT groups, but then neither does Quickbooks.

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By Winnie Wiggleroom
22nd Oct 2021 13:40

we looked into this for a client group along with consolidated reporting, there is a gaping hole in the software market generally for small groups, your next step up is to use something like Accounts IQ but it is a huge leap in cost so usually a workaround is the best option.

You would have thought it would not be too hard for someone like QBO or Xero to link multiple companies but maybe there is not that much demand for it.

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By Cloudcounter
22nd Oct 2021 14:35

Echo Jason's comment

I've used Xero for group VAT returns. There doesn't seem to be any point in describing how I did it, in case it was the workround that you didn't like

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By paulwakefield1
22nd Oct 2021 19:06

The way I do it is to download the VAT returns from each Xero entity. Let Excel pull it all together using Power Query, check the controls and submit using the VT MTD addon. Dead easy and quick once set up.

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