One DRive files sent by email

A client has sent me a file through one drive. I can read it but not transfer

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I am very backward with technology and I apologise for asking what is a very simple question but I would like to know how to get a "One Drive" file shared through email into my dropbox. I would also like to know how to transfer files saved to "One Drive" to Dropbox.

Is there any advantage in sending files through One Drive as opposed to my method of sending as attachment.?

Many thanks for any help for a very old member trying to keep up.


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Scalloway Castle
By scalloway
10th Sep 2017 22:34

If you go into File Explorer and right click the file you want to share. One of the options should be "Share a OneDrive Link". Click on it and you will get a message saying that a link to the file has been placed in Clipboard. Create a new email and select paste and the link should appear.

If you want to copy a file on on a computer which has both your OneDrive and Dropbox folders then select the file in One Drive, right click and select Copy. Navigate to your Dropbox folder and right click. Select Paste and the file should copy across.

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Replying to scalloway:
By Tosie
11th Sep 2017 07:12

Thank you very much.

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