One software for a practice - Capium?

Pm+payroll+cloud bookkeeping+accounts prep+personal tax returns

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hi all,

i run a small practice with 8 staff.

we currently use AM/brightmanager and capium. i picked AM at the time as it was far ahead of the competitiong (2019 ish i think) and capium as the idea was that we could manage all our clients' work in one place.

only snag is, capium's bk module is rubbish. the only alternative i see is sage or xero but that seems a huge increase in monthly fees.

is there another provider i've missed?

thank you in advance to those that do respond :) 

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John Toon
By John Toon
22nd Apr 2024 13:13

FreeAgent, QBO etc etc - there's plenty of threads on here for bookkeeping alternatives

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By SE_Confused
25th Apr 2024 10:08

i find FreeAgent immature and prone to mistakes you cannot fix
I went for QB as it is easy for clients to use and for me to fix any issues.
Xero seems to have been built and intended for bookkeepers, i do not recommend it for your firm or your clients.

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Replying to SE_Confused:
By AdamJones82
25th Apr 2024 10:37

I loathe FreeAgent and can see why it has to be given away! Unfortunately I have some clients who bank with NatWest and so use it

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By Dr Fauci
25th Apr 2024 10:20

For Practice Management with a small team:

Latest version now has Companies House API integration.

Uses Google Sheets backend so you own your data and no ongoing hosting costs, just a one-off lifetime fee.

Similar Bookkeeping module under development - but for the moment I use Bokio for VAT registered customers, Excel solution for smaller non-VAT registered customers.

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By Charlie Carne
26th Apr 2024 14:16

I'm not sure why you'd want one software platform to deal with PM, payroll, bookkeeping, accounts production and tax returns, as they are entirely separate services. Combining them into one mega-platform ties you into a mammoth system that is almost impossible to leave so you are hostage to poor service and price hikes. One of the advantages of the cloud is that different platforms can talk to each other using API's so you can find the best of breed in each area. I'd recommend the following:

PM - Client Engager is excellent (or, if using QBO, look at its inbuilt PM tool for which there is a small extra fee) and syncs well with QBO and Xero

Payroll - Employment Hero (syncs easily with QBO and Xero)

Bookkeeping - QBO and Xero are far and away the best (I like QBO, but both are good)

Accounts Production & Tax Returns - this can and should be combined in one product - IRIS Practice Essentials is the new version of Taxfiler and is excellent. You might want to look at TaxCalc but that is NOT a cloud product, despite their insistence that it is, as only the data is backed up in the cloud, so still have to install and maintain the software on every device that you want to access the data!

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Replying to charliecarne:
By FactChecker
26th Apr 2024 17:44

Still flying that kite for Cloud, Charlie?
You know that it nearly killed Benjamin Franklin.

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Replying to charliecarne:
By AdamJones82
26th Apr 2024 18:15

Are you on commission for Essentials? There's barely a week without bugs being mentioned. It can't even calculate the correct Class 2 NIC for 2023/24
Still it's cloud so must be perfect eh? (And I HAVE used it for 18 months before that counter argument gets typed)

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