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Onkho Practice Management Software

Does anyone have any experience with this software?

I have taken up the 30 day trial after watching the starter video as it looked like it contained all the elements I was looking for as well as simple to set up.

But it does not offer much in the way of help guides online.

I can get all my clients entered but can't figure out how to link contacts with them as shown in the demo.




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19th Feb 2018 08:27

I'm sure you'll get all the help you need if you call them PAMDILL

They are super friendly and keen to ensure all users are more than happy.

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to bookmarklee
19th Feb 2018 09:53

But then you would say that - vested interest and all...

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By emanur
19th Feb 2018 08:56

Hi there, sorry you're not getting the help you need. As Mark says, we're super friendly and ready to help! You can find a whole bunch of material at, you can email us at [email protected] and you can chat to us from inside the platform as well. Most importantly, we are real people and when supplied with a telephone number, will talk you through anything you need :)

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19th Feb 2018 09:55

Its pricing is wrong - £1 per client per month. So for a small practice with say 100 clients thats £100 a month.

The competition's pricing starts from £29 a month.

Have a look at Accountancy Manager - that seems to be the provider gaining most traction and positive reviews from small practices.

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By emanur
to Kent accountant
19th Feb 2018 10:13

It's just a different and at least in our opinion a fairer way of pricing. If you have 100 clients and need 4 seats you'll find we are cheaper than your example. Happy to have a call to explore your thoughts some more.

Also traction is a closely guarded secret most of the time so I'm intrigued by your conclusion. Onkho has customers and is getting positive feedback as well but we're just not shouting about it....yet.

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19th Feb 2018 11:19

Yes would look at Practice Manager or Senta, as much fairer pricing and seem to be further advanced with better features etc.

Ladder pricing is not popular with practitioners, if you want better take up you should look at introductory pricing in line with the competition.

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to Glennzy
19th Feb 2018 15:18

We assume you are referring to AccountancyManager - rather than Practice Manager :)

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to jamesbyrne
19th Feb 2018 16:16

Yes James sorry for the slip.

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19th Feb 2018 13:39


Thank you kindly for getting in touch with us with your question. It was lovely to talk to you today and I do hope that we've managed to be of some help.

We're in the process of publishing new support documentation and videos for the platform and there will shortly be a link from the platform.

For reference, support articles and videos are available here: These are evolving daily so bear with us!

You may also be interested to learn that we're organising some demonstrations of onkho (with screen-sharing). This is a good opportunity for us to understand the problems that you're trying to solve but also allows you to see an in-depth demonstration of the platform and to ask any questions that you may have. Do let me know if you'd be interested in signing up to one of these sessions?

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20th Feb 2018 11:24

Thanks for the replies, I did get a call back and got most of my issues sorted out.

Unfortunately due to some time sensitive work that needed to be done I have not had a chance to finish my set up.

I have looked at umpteen different PM packages and for my volume of clients and the type of work we do (12 clients for full on bookkeeping including sales invoicing, payroll, VAT Returns - me and 3 part time staff) so far this looks like it will fit the bill.

Once we have all had a play about with it I will return with my review.

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