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Online accounting

Online accounting

Good morning.

We are thinking about introducing a online accounting package and would like feedback from fellow members. We have found that all packages we have looked at a bit more complex than required. Are there any simply/robust packages available.

Please no postings from suppliers of software. I will have spoken to you all already.

Thanks in advance


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27th Nov 2009 10:17

I've been very impressed by Kashflow

And would suggest that it's worth a look.


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By David2e
27th Nov 2009 12:24

Who will be the main user?

Will the online software be used regularly by clients, or mostly in-house?

What software do you currently use?

Some of the options can depend on answers to questions such as those above.  As Mark mentioned, Kashflow is one package with many happy users though I'd think this would be a better option if your clients will be using it quite a bit as it was developed with the non-accountant end-user in mind.

Another that's hard to beat for value is e-conomic. This is probably more complex so might not be the solution for you but if you currently use something like Sage then some of it will be familiar and easier to work with. It can also be setup to give clients specific access so they only see what they need to see.  With e-conomic we've a partner arrangement to provide it free to accountants for access and own use plus some good discounts and bureau pricing available - making it possibly the lowest priced online software.

Both of these packages also have an API, so other software can be setup to work alongside them.  This is something else you may also want to consider.  What software do you use for payroll, compliance etc that you would like to see 'play well' with the online accounting software?

David Toohey
The Accountants Circle

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27th Nov 2009 13:24


Your choice is huge, it does however depend on what you are looking for though, some offerings are basic but do what they need to for their market, others are more complex.

We chose winweb, although it is more complex than the basic offerings it can be paired down to work like them but it  is not as off-putting as some of the higher end offerings. We have found it serves all our clients well, and that is a cross section of users and needs like any accountancy practice.

Which ever you go with it needs to fit, some like FreeAgent target the freelancers and do a very good job, others like winweb are more generic and can be adapted to most needs.

I think you will find everyone will have their own favourite, in which case all you can do is test drive a few and decide which you prefer.


Holden Associates
A Blog for Small Business


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27th Nov 2009 13:38

Liberty Accounts

We use this and it has an integrated payroll unlike some of the other software available.  It also has online P35, P11D and VAT filing.


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By Ashurst
27th Nov 2009 13:51

Depends on client requirements


We've just undertaken a review of four providers - Kashflow, Xero, Liberty and E-conomic. We have decided to go for Xero as our main choice although in some cases the others may be more suited to the clients requirements.



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By chas01
27th Nov 2009 14:04


Faced with a doubling of fees from TAS Books, we searched the market for on line bookkeeping systems.

Our eventual choice was Clear Books.

It offers a video to let us see what it is like.  We then took a free month's trial without giving away any bank details.  Whilst not yet as sophisticated as Tas Books 2, the team led by Tim Fouracre, a qualified accountant, has been willing to add facilities we and others thought essential to accountant users.

We have started adding clients to the system and brought in their bookkeepers to the loop.  Our 'experimental' client produced a saving of over £3,000 in VAT compared with the client's returns!

Prices are £5.75, £10.00 and £15.00 per month with special rates for accountants and bookkeepers.  No up front fees.  We also like their listings and we have had two enquiries from it so far.

They have started a simple payroll facility which should be more robust by the end of the tax year, too.

Charles Stringer




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By almaint
27th Nov 2009 21:50

Accounting Online

 We have gone through most of the online accounting packages - from Saasu, Kashflow,e-conomic,Xero. We are distributors of consumer goods with requirements for sales/purchases order management and stock control and multi-currency. We found Saasu to offer most of the facilities, unfortunately we found not VAT return friendly. Xero and Kasflow more geared to UK. However we have just come across a c=very flexible and may meet all our needs and very easy to use. We after after our trial period that we will be using the services of Our only concern is that they are a new comer no long track record , but have a strong product.


Roberto Lira

Alma International 

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By Anonymous
28th Nov 2009 16:23


I am currently looking at Arithmo and likely to go with this. In the main this is a bookkeeping pacakage only. I love the price.

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By Anonymous
28th Nov 2009 20:50


My previous comment on Arithmo was not helpful. It is Arithmo I am going for. I looked at the main one including Kash Flow. For me Arithmo came up tops because:

It is very simple to use. I took demo version to a potential clinet who has now become a client. She found it extremely easy to use.

-It can be branded to my own practice colours. It looks as if the software was developed by my practice.

-It is cost effective

It simplicity does not mean it does not perform all the key functions:

-Import bank stats

-Bank recs


-VAT Return

-Trial Balance


My only criticism is its marketing - it is not shouting about it enough.

I think of Arithmo as online VT accounts without all the functions of VT. I think Arithmo should get together with VT and develop an online full version of VT.

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