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Online agent account - can't update client's PAYE address

Online agent account - can't update client's...

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In the past I have always updated client's PAYE address via my HMRC Online agent account.

I have tried twice recently (2 clients, 2 internet browsers) and although the option is there it won't let me click 'next' to confirm the change.

I called up the HMRC Online Helpdesk and was told agents are no longer allowed to do this. He then told me to call the Employer Helpline instead.

I think I have been given the wrong info by HMRC - if the option to change the address is there why can't I use it?!

Has anyone else experienced the same issue recently?

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By DMGbus
08th Apr 2016 14:11

Same here.

Just tried it - can't update cluient's address for PAYE - and so it is another case of needing to get clients to register on the GG and provide their credentials to their agents.

On a more positive note there's now the ability to add an extra line to the address:

If additional information is required to ensure mail is delivered correctly please enter this below. This will then be shown as the first line of the address on any correspondence

As an example "5th Floor" to an office block address.


Just maybe the change is in line with some current (under current) thinking at HMRC to keep agents out of the loop.


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By carnmores
08th Apr 2016 19:30

this particular formulation
Annoys the hell out of me as if you need a code they want to send it to the old addy, its pathetic really

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By JessicaRain
08th Apr 2016 23:55

Possibly a glitch

I asked the client to do it under his sign-in and he couldn't either. The next button is buggered.

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By PracticePartner
09th Apr 2016 07:54

What happened to the idea of an agent PAYE dashboard?

I was going to post a separate question on this but its kind of relevant, I know there was a trial but what happened, did it get abandoned, so agents need to use clients GG login instead?

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By JessicaRain
09th Apr 2016 10:30

So many changes!

I can't keep up with the innovations. Managed to change the details on the humble hmrc basic paye tool. Will see if it propagates.

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