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Online Backup

Online Backup

There have been several threads over the years about online backups but I couldn't find a recent one. With technology changing all the time I wonder if members could put up any recommendations for online backup or file synching, it appears to be the way to go perhaps in addition to using the more traditional ways. I have read about security concerns in the past and would want to know it is as secure as it can be to back up client data.

Carbonite and Dropbox seem to be popular in past threads. What about Sugarsync and Justcloud? Does it matter if the company is non UK based?

Also any thoughts about backing up only files or an image of the drive gratefully appreciated.



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25th Jan 2013 14:47

Data barracks

We use Data Barracks very good, and if there is a problem with a backup one night they are on the phone the next day to have a look into it.

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25th Jan 2013 15:08

I use BT without problems. They also supply my broadband and phones. The helpdesk is in Scotland and they speak English

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to ireallyshouldknowthisbut
25th Jan 2013 15:41


bernard michael wrote:

I use BT without problems. They also supply my broadband and phones. The helpdesk is in Scotland and they speak English

I am about 1/16th Scottish so not concerned however my uncle 100% Scottish (a proper Scotsman as he says!) - and if I accused him of "speaking English" I think he would punch me !!!

He He !!

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25th Jan 2013 16:25

Happy Sugarsync user here. It's a step above a pure back-up solution as it means you can sync local files across different locations/computers, eg. I work on a file on the office desktop (which is in a sync folder) and when I turn my laptop on, it automatically updates the local file on the laptop. It also keeps the last 5 versions online in case of mistakes/accidental deletes, and it's on Android/Apple so you always have access if out and about.

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25th Jan 2013 16:43

Someone suggested Acronis to me which has a cloud backup addon.  Im going to take a look at it in February and can post back then!

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By merlyn
25th Jan 2013 18:02


If it's not UK based then you may have issues with the Data protection and US patriot act.

Provided you encrypt all data prior to sending it to cloud storage shouldn't be an issue.

Personally we use rackspace and ensure all data is encrypted.

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By DMGbus
25th Jan 2013 18:21

IRIS free 1GB - 10 pages or T+Cs so rejected

On the Aweb site there was recently an offer of 1GB free back up by IRIS OpenSpace.

Looked interesting until I had to agree to 10 pages of Terms & Conditions.


Unacceptable given the "virus" of tricky terms & conditions becoming increasingly prevalent with tax / accounts software nowadays.

So, I immediately stopped taking up this offer there and then.  I don't have the funds available to pay a commercial lawyer to interpret the 10 page contract neither have I got the time to try and understand it.

As it happens 1GB is far too small to be of real practical use to me (I'd look for 20GB minimum) but was prepared to try a 1GB trial and if it worked OK then see what upgrade price applied for a larger back up capacity.

My current online back up plans are with SugarSync (from memory max 10GB free above this pay for) and Bullguard AV software (again I think that it's about 10GB free / included in the one-year three-computers at a cost of less than £20 a year for AntiVirus (AV) software licence).

Aside from online back ups I have several encrypted external Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) - this solution's weakness being that they're not off site and some HDDs have a service life of less than 3 years (eg. Seagate).

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By Cube
25th Jan 2013 18:45


My wife happily uses Dropbox - I have not experienced it, but I do know that it will replicate your drive automaticaly. This is a great time saver.


There are definitely data protection issues. Also the T&C's can be very nasty indeed - not owning your data is one that I have heard about. Encryption sounds very wise.


What is wrong with a NAS ( Network Attached Server) with FreeNAS (open-source & free) and some sort of back-up software:







The first two are apparently excellent and 'enterprise' class.

BTW I have no connection with any of the above.




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By cbp99
26th Jan 2013 07:56

Zen Vault

is worth a look.

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26th Jan 2013 14:08

I'm happy with Carbonite

I believe Carbonite, as  a US company, has signed up to some treaty that allows EC customers to use it. I have heard the treaty doesn't mean much.

Very easy to do backup, however.

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26th Jan 2013 14:54

Backup v Syncing

I use Google Drive (Google Apps for Business) for syncing when I want to access a file at home or on the move.

I also do a separate backup with Mozy. Mozy are now offering a Dropbox style service called Stash which is in beta at the moment.

I have the two options because not all of my files are in my Google Drive directory (such as Sage payroll files) and it is good to have a backup of the backup. Both were relatively easy to set up.

I also use Dropbox for personal files and that was by far the easiest to set up.

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28th Jan 2013 12:04

Links to older threads and resources

The most recent coverage of this topic revolved around Dropbox (already discussed here) - the link will take you to the relevant "tag page" on AccountingWEB.

But here are some links to older coverage on our storage tag page. Given the speed at which the net moves, you may be better off following up more recent suggestions such as the ones already made here. Nevertheless, a bit of background research on pros/cons of offsite storage and information management principles wouldn't go amiss. If you are interested, try some of the following:

Any Answers Answered: Online backup options 2008Focus on data protectionIT Zone guide to data storageBack-ups: The secret to surviving IT system failures

PS - While you're researching online options, have you considered implications other than back-up? By offering shared access to the online storage facility, you can create a new platform for collecting data and delivering reports to clients securely. That is one of the new elements in the IRIS package, but Lindenhouse have been doing this for some years now and other services are available from the likes of DocSafe, DocuSoft, Digita and CCH, not to mention some of the more consumer-oriented mainstream back-up services. There was an interesting debate that touched on this approach in a thread in November on email security.

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29th Jan 2013 11:30


Has anybody any experience of Norton backups?

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21st Feb 2013 17:16



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