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Online Cloud based accounting software

Online Cloud based accounting software

Looking for suggestions for an online Cloud based accounting software, that is easy to maintain as we need to train client on day-to-day basic bookkeeping.

The software needs to be able to raise invoices and monthly statements to send out to their customers from the software, and maintain full a sales & purchase leger. Stock module is not required.

We have a Demo arranged for Sage One. Any AW members have any experience on this?

Also, any suggestions on Online Cloud based Payroll software? We currently use Moneysoft's Payroll Managerand are extremely pleased. Is there a similar Online Cloud based software?

Thanks to all who respond


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24th Apr 2012 19:33

Xero & Brightpay?
I looked at about 8 of the cloud offerings a couple of years ago, taking the time to set them up with real data. Xero was the standout choice at that time. However, I do know that some issues with some of the other programs have been resolved as they've moved on, others haven't. Xero of course has moved on as well. We're Xero certified advisers, so perhaps a small interest there but the choice was made after more research than many people put into the decision. Two + years down the line I'm quite happy, as are my clients who use it,

No experience of any cloud payroll systems but Brightpay looks interestng and I'm about to give it a trial

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24th Apr 2012 20:51

Cloud Based Payroll
Look at


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24th Apr 2012 21:51


... all the way - a stunning piece of software.

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24th Apr 2012 23:00

Me three


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25th Apr 2012 20:38

Online software

For small businesses, Xero is the absolute nuts for accounting purposes. If your accountant is a Xero Certified Advisor too, the benefits to your business will be immense.

MyPAYE is good for payroll.

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26th Apr 2012 08:20

Boring ....

This question has been covered so many times in the past in this forum that it is a surprise anyone answers

We all recognise that the Aweb search is not all it could be but try a search on Cloud systems

Whlist you are at it try a Google search on 'Sage Live', the predecessor of the current Sage products


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26th Apr 2012 14:21


Have you taken a look at Aqilla yet?

As for an Online Cloud based Payroll software - I would have to agree that MyPAYE is great. 


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26th Apr 2012 15:18

Clear Books

Though I will have to declare my interest in that I do work there, have you considered giving Clear Books a try?

We also offer an online payroll solution that integrates with our accounting software, which sounds like it may be just what you're looking for.

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26th Apr 2012 15:29

Xero...full house!

Easy for clients to use....can import the respective account codes for to match with your software and you can go on and review/revise clients info as required online whilst you are chatting with them.....

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