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OnLine CPD Training - Tolleys or CCH?

OnLine CPD Training - Tolleys or CCH?

Considering use of online CPD and have looked at both Tolleys and CCH.
Research on both web sites show.
- Tolley - 40 hours per year.
- CCH - 24 hours per year.

Tolleys is more expensive, but not hugely so and quantity is not always better than quality.

I'd appreciate any feedback from members who have used either or both products on, the quality of the training, the breadth and relevance of topics covered and anything else they may find relevant.

Thanks in Advance for your comments.

F Purves


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By kdbr
25th Jun 2009 16:27

Used Both
Switched to Tolley seminars last year, and sticking with them. Main difference is the talk is by the real lecturer - familiar voices to which we can put faces, rather than someone reading a script. One thing that used to really annoy me with the CCH version was being told to 'explore the boxes with my mouse' rather than listen to an explanation and see it appear before me on screen.

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