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Online File Storage

Suggestions Please?

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Hi all,

I realise this may have been asked many times in the past, but I'm considering changing our file storage solution.

All current working papers files are currently on a MyCloud NAS device which is also backed up online. This is starting to feel a little clunky when out of the office as connectivity isn't great so I'm thinking of Office 365 or Google Drive.

Does anyone have any suggestions please? We have three staff members.I would need to use the drive for our Payroll Manager data folder to if possible.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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By agillies
20th Jun 2019 10:32

Dropbox basic paid version £10 or £15 per month allows extra security and features that are either worth having or essentially needed for data security.

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By coops456
20th Jun 2019 11:16

We use Tresorit for the high level of security and the fact that their servers are 100% hosted inside the EEA.

Our Payroll Manager data folder synchronises to Tresorit storage.

Previous conversations with Moneysoft suggest that PM isn't designed for network or cloud use. For us, cloud storage is more about backup than remote working.

So if you are saying you'd regularly need to access PM files when out of the office, perhaps a hosted desktop would be a better solution.

And if your connectivity isn't great, then surely using the cloud will only highlight this further?

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By [email protected]
20th Jun 2019 11:21

If you're using office 365 then consider sharepoint
It's part of the sub, and has user control etc.

I use Dropbox currently for my personal but have used Sharepoint, onedrive and Google drive in various office environments.

Whichever you go for, you'll need to weigh up the convenience / security / accessability of whether you sync to your machine or not
Sync'd is good if your interned is slow, or you're regularly offline. however you have a local copy to deal with if the machine is hacked or stolen

A purely online fileserver can be a pain if your files are big or if your internet is slow or flakey.
With a decent internet you can use an online service as a fileserver

As for Payroll Manager - you need to check whether it needs a mapped network drive, or if it is happy to work directly on a cloud service - that may dictate your choices

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Replying to [email protected]:
By alan.rolfe
21st Jun 2019 09:27 wrote:

If you're using office 365 then consider sharepoint
It's part of the sub, and has user control etc.

No. Just no. Sharepoint is unwieldy piece of s**tware that is not for the faint hearted.

Keep it simple and pick something easy, such as one of the cloud services and then mirror the data into/out of it if you cannot use the data straight out of the cloud.

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By chasmeehan
20th Jun 2019 21:24

Good points and I wouldn't disagree with the paid-for choices - I would add Box (not to be confused with Dropbox) as a corporate level file sharing platform with a focus on security and logging - as with the others, it provides access to clients to their specific folders/subfolders (synced to specific folders on your local drive) with granular control on the level of access they receive and a record of their usage

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