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Online forms for client completion

Online forms for client completion

Firstly thank you so much to all who expressed good wishes on the thread raised by Peter Saxton, I am really touched. I will provide more details in my next blog. 

In my journey to become paperless (as much as I can) I am looking for cloud based software that enables designing of forms such as getting new client information, information about personal tax returns and formation of new company.

The idea is that clients can complete this information  online on receipt of a link. The other option would be these forms would be available on my website

I did Google this, and they are many providers. I would be grateful for recommendations and comments/views/experience  on this subject.



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By SteveOH
18th Jun 2012 08:56

Good to see you back

We were all getting a bit concerned.

Unfortunately, I can't answer your question but I will be looking at the answers as it is something that would interest me as well.

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18th Jun 2012 09:03

Welcome back


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18th Jun 2012 09:25


Hi FirstTab - glad to see you back

It depends on you sit on the security / convenience / price continuum.

On the free side (although I am doubtful about security) is google docs.  If you create an excel equivalent worksheet, it is possible to creat a web form that feeds the information directly into it.  If anyone updates the worksheet, you get an email alert. Although free, I would probably not use this for business purposes.

Not sure if you have an email newsletter, but on some of them they have a 'survey' feature which allows you to collect information from people and get it submitted online.  I know Constant Contact for example offer this 'online survey' feature.  There is a small cost.



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18th Jun 2012 10:36

Google Docs

I have no idea how it was done but last week I attended a training session and was asked to complete a feedback form which had been set up in google docs.  That might be worth pursuing

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18th Jun 2012 11:44

PDF Form fillers ...

Have a look at these - ideally you want to be able to save the resulting data to a database etc.

Adobe is the right tool but quite pricey (needs cost/justify)

Cheaper version - probably not able to save data to database -

Alternatively try Google search - 'pdf form fillers'

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By Flash Gordon
18th Jun 2012 12:27

Welcome back!

Glad to see you back FT :)

I've not got an answer but it's a good idea and I'll be looking myself...

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18th Jun 2012 19:28

Adobe Acrobat

I'm not sure about it being pricey (per JC), depends on what you use it for but Acrobat is all we've used for years as it does everything you'll ever want with a PDF (as it would).

As it happens I've only ever done a few form filling projects in the firm as, if you get the client to fill in all the boxes of a tax return checklist, they might as well do their own return online! 

I have used it though to build survey forms for surveys my wife does in her business and if you use it properly, handles everything for you in monitoring the forms that have gone out, received, opened and responded to, and, in her case it can populate an excel spreadsheet.  You don't have to use, ie you can just send out a PDF with a password and the ability to fill in the boxes by the receiver, save & send back.

Having said all that, it is fiddly and the art is in designing say a word document or excel spreadsheet in a way that Acrobat can automatically recognise fields when you convert it to PDF, this avoids having to manually create & format fields.  So lots of trial and error, but once you get the hang of it, it can be impressive.


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By joo71
19th Jun 2012 11:51

Online forms for client completion

Hello everyone - I am new to this website and would like to take the opportunity to introduce our company and services. We have exactly what you are all looking for and we don't charge the earth! If you would like to find out more about us go to  to register for a free look around the company formation software part of our offering. If you have any questions or queries take look at or call 01926 857028 and ask for John or Julie 

We will look forward to getting to know you all :) 



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21st Jun 2012 21:07

Website form

I would go with your idea of having a few pages on your website that are used for completing the forms and sending the data to you. The database could be programmed to populate your accounting, tax and contact software.

If you get a techie guy who knows that you may give them other work you may be able to get that work done cheaply and save a lot of time by thinking of other forms that might be useful.




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02nd Jul 2012 22:13


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02nd Jul 2012 22:15


Thank you for the helpful response.

I am a Google apps for business user. An intern started with me last week. I asked him to look into Google app form designed. He produced a draft today, it was about 90% there. He did the research and designed the form based on the current word form.

He will be designing other forms too. The idea is that we will have all our client forms online.

Thanks cloudcounter and RussellD.

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