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Online Money Laundering Checks

Online Money Laundering Checks

Do you do online money laundering checks?  If so, would you recommend the company you are currently using?  We are currently in the process of reviewing our contract and would value any recommendation on who to use.


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By SteveOH
29th Jul 2010 15:21

I use AML Search

There are no registration fees, no minimum usage and charge on a pay as you use basis. I am a small volume user so it suits me fine. There may be other suppliers which fare better if you are a heavy user. Give them a look on

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29th Jul 2010 16:42

Thanks for your input Steve. I'll have a look.

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By Clare
29th Jul 2010 17:15

AML Check

I use Intelligent Identity - worthwhile if you're doing a fair amount of checks on a regular basis.  Easy to use, and cheapest solution I found.

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By happy
29th Jul 2010 17:42

Yes - Veriphy (highly recommended)

Yes, we use Veriphy -

Very highly recommended.

It is very cost effective and quick and easy to use.


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29th Jul 2010 17:57

A second vote for veriphy

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29th Jul 2010 18:30


We use Legatio, same guys behind FastTax but also part of Callcredit.

We find their pricing is right for the smaller practice for checks, they also offer:

Legatio's new AML Forms Package

Included in this package:

£60 +VAT p/a

Policies and Procedures StatementAML Risk Assessment FormAML Internal ReportsMLRO GuideStaff Training Document


Accountants - Holden Associates

Small Business Blog

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30th Jul 2010 18:38

online AML

I use the Taxcalc facility and am happy with it.

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02nd Aug 2010 12:38

Thank you

Thanks for all your responses.  Much appreciated.  I think we are going to start using Veriphy.

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