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Online Payment file & system generated remittances

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I was preparing the final  payment run for May yesterday.The payment remittances were generated by our software system with a 31/05/2019 date.

However, since i am not in the UK(my position is outsourced ) and there was a flood in the factory  that i work (all of the computers were shut down and there was no access to internet in the afternoon) , i was not able to send the online payment file with the supplier payments to my colleagues in the UK that day.

Will there be a problem that i will be sending the file  Monday morning ? Since the  name  of the online payment file is named 31/05/2019 i will enter the payments in the cashbook for May with that date and not with a 03/06/2019 date (Monday) for June .Since the authorization date ( time )  for each payment is different (on the date posted column of the cashbook is shown the date on which the payment has been released by the bank- in the prevoius months despite the fact that the online payment file is from the 30th  of the month,all of the payments from the file were released (posted)  after that date ),i guess that will not be a problem?Will all of this cause any problems when it comes to matching the bank receipts ,cashbook entries,cash postings in the software system ?

This is the first time that the date of  payment remittances  summary report generated  by  our software system is not the same as the date i sent the online payment file  my colleagues in the UK.

i am asking all of this, since i do not have acces to internet banking and my CFO is entering the online payment file in the internet banking 


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By lionofludesch
01st Jun 2019 11:47

Oh no - a big bank rec !!

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By pajibjohnson
01st Jun 2019 12:19

Can some of you please advise !

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Scalloway Castle
By scalloway
01st Jun 2019 17:03

This is handled by doing a bank reconciliation. It will all work out in the end anyway.

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By paul.benny
03rd Jun 2019 08:48

You could discuss with your boss how to treat the payments.

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