Online payroll software

Online payroll software

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I am a small sole practioner with approx 30 payrolls that I run for my clients - mainly regular monthly amounts but a few with changes each month, one fortnightly and one weekly payroll.  From April 2014 my bookkeeper, who works in a different office to me, is hopefully going to be taking over the payrolls for me.  As I would like to be able to have access to them as well, I am looking for an online payroll programme that can cope with multiple employers and has coped with the RTI system ok this last year.  Can anyone recommend one to me?

Thank you, Jo

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By allanpearson
01st Mar 2014 10:27


I was trying to think of a good answer to this, but I actually believe our product might be the best option!  I look after a payroll bureau called PAYEpeople.  I have looked for various online payroll software providers in the past, however I was always surprised at the cost of these, therefore we developed a portal for our clients.

We are in the progress of developing the portal further to allow a third party ie a Corporate body, or accountant to have access to the payroll information that is allocated to them.  This should be finished this month.

I think it would be really worth a chat to discuss this further.  Please don't hesitate to call me on 01942 850297, I promise there wont be any hard sell, we always offer our advice free of charge. 


Allan Pearson

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By ShirleyM
01st Mar 2014 11:15


It's free if you set each client up individually, but if you want bureau facilities there is a charge.

I have a client using it and they seem happy with it, and some AWebbers use it too.

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By The Don
02nd Mar 2014 09:22     simple and affordable

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By JoannaU
10th Mar 2014 11:37

Thank you everyone for your advise.

I now have a plan - just need to get everything in place for the new tax year!


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