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Online personal tax account issues

My client cannot get online access and has missed grant 5

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I have just spent an hour with a client trying to gain online access to his personal tax account.

We tried with government gateway but he could only use his P60 and also gov.verify but he could only use his driving licence. Two pieces of information are needed for each. He does not have a UK passport and gov gateway are not using DVLA at present so he cannot get access. We tried on a webchat but they were no help.

Has anyone been able to get around this?

Also, due to issues with accessing the account during September, he was not able to apply for SEISS grant 5, which was the first one he was possibly eligible for.

I know he is late now but do we have any come back at all?



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By Paul Crowley
18th Oct 2021 15:51

Probably a hopeless case
When did he get the notice with the date from which he could claim?
A bit earlier and the application could probably have been made by telephone.

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panda ketteringUK
By ketteringUK
18th Oct 2021 22:53

There is a number he can call. One of our expats Clients had to do it as he only had uk passport and no UK credit history in the last 6 years. Slightly different scenario but all was sorted out during the call.

Btw - your client might be too late to make any seiss claims (luckily)

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