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Online project management and accounting software for Mac based client

Online project management and accounting...

I have a client who is using MYOB for accounting and a bespoke Filemaker program for project management, approximately 10 years old.  The two are not integrated.

They are thinking of moving to a new system, either online based (but worried about security issues), or desktop.  The main work flow is:

- Prepare estimate for job, including time costs and disbursements such as printing costs.

- Once estimate is agreed with client, record time spent on Filemaker - employees use timesheets with a couple of rates each, about 8 employees and enter their own time. Record disbursements on Filemaker.

- Generate on account/stage based invoices.

- Final invoice.
- Record sales invoices, purchase invoices, bank, payroll, etc on MYOB.

At the moment there is duplication of work with disbursements being recorded on Filemaker and MYOB.  The sales invoices are prepared on Excel because the client doesn't like the format on Filemaker/MYOB, these invoices then have to be entered on Filemaker and MYOB, thus even more duplication!

There is occasional work for overseas clients, so some transactions in Euros.

Any ideas for simple, cost effective online/desktop software which will help reduce  duplication/risk of error?  Must work on Mac and must have password protection for different areas, so employees entering timesheets cannot access confidential information.


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14th Mar 2011 19:30

Try workflowmax with Xero, I believe this will do a lot of what you are after. One of my clients is currently using it management of their steam cleaning business.

I think it also integrates with MYOB.

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15th Mar 2011 00:08



My recommondation would be to go with the market and go Cloud. From reading your requirements, my initial suggestion would be to look at something like Aqilla.

Aqilla is a cloud solution and therefore does away with any PC/Mac issues your client may have and with each user having thier own log on, they can be restricted from any part of the software. The product has a financially strong core, with the added bonus of project/job costing, timesheets and expenses management.

With all these functions within one system, all duplication of effort and risk of errors have been removed saving your client both time and money. Also, Aqilla makes use of an Excel Add-in. With this Add-in installed, you are able to analyse data or import transactional data.

If you would like to know more about the product, please look at the website;


Kind Regards


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15th Mar 2011 16:30

Time Tracker for AccountEdge

New AccountEdge UK version (available this month) will be fully integrated with Time Tracker for AccountEdge.  Remote activity slip / time sheet entry, which then integrates with AccountEdge (formerly MYOB) through Dropbox.  Developed by the same people who make AccountEdge.  Not sure if it will work for you, but it's free while in beta, so you can trial it and see. 



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22nd Mar 2011 17:26

Pacific Timesheet Software

They should try Pacific Timesheet Project Management Software. They can request a free trial at: or just download the free trial at:

Hope this help.

-- Jason Trend Pacific Timesheet

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27th Apr 2011 16:44


Many thanks. I'm letting my client try WorkflowMax (even though it seems to be in New Zealand!).

Aquilla goes to answerphone every time, so either not in business or very small!

The timesheets one seems to be a bit simplistic, not really project management and priced in dollars.

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