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Online retailer clients

Online retailer clients

I would be grateful for views/experience on taking on an online retailer client. I do not have any clients in this field.

I have a potential client who lives in Sweden and has an online retail business in Sweden. He would like to do the same in UK. UK would be a separate business with a UK website. He has setup a company in UK. He will also open a UK business bank account. Goods would be bought from China. In the first two years the turnover would be below the VAT threshold.

Good sold would be Apple accessories in the main.

Would you take on a UK online retailer? What are the headaches I should know about?

Should I add a 40% premium to my normal fee for the likely headaches?



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11th May 2012 16:29

International accountant (of mystery)
No really relevant to your question but why is it you get so many enquiries from abroad? As far as i know, you do not specialise in this area.

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