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online SA1

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Has anyone else had a problem with HMRC online form SA1 recently?

I completed one yesterday & within an hour received a reply that the information did not match HMRC records & could not be actioned.

I completed a second form today for a totally separate person & received the same e-mail.

I am confident that the information I hold is correct.

I have telephoned the online helpdesk who were not helpful.

Before I get the new client to contact HMRC has anyone else has this problem.




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By lionofludesch
10th Dec 2019 12:50

No - but I had an online 64-8 rejected last week.

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10th Dec 2019 13:11

For reasons such as these I always send in a paper version.

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By SXGuy
10th Dec 2019 15:33

A few in the past where they have said the NI number doesn't match when it is correct. Write in instead.

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