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Online services down


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Is it just me, or the continuing crap storm that is HMRC?


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24th Jun 2019 12:10

We lost Online services for a bit, including getting the mesage "Sorry, you can't join the new tax agents service today." which wasn't what we were trying to do.

Appears to be back now

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24th Jun 2019 12:12

It was down for a bit there but back up now.

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24th Jun 2019 12:15

every time the service goes down you should contact your Institute to advise them. The ATT and CIOT are keeping a log in order to advise HMRC that such things are noticed

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24th Jun 2019 13:08

I got a few different messages, all of them boiling down to the site not working.

It is absolutely ridiculous.

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24th Jun 2019 13:57

And they still can't tell me why my new MTD agent account isn't working , even though it is apparently linked to my existing account............

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24th Jun 2019 22:18

It's all working as it should.

HMRC said so a few months ago.

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26th Jun 2019 13:27

Problems today submitting CT returns.

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to Wanderer
26th Jun 2019 15:00

Weird, I had a reply to my complaining to HMRC just an hour ago telling me everything was now hunky dory.

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to SteLacca
26th Jun 2019 15:16

Well, that's good because it means they sorted Wanderer's problem out in about half an hour.

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