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Online VAT Return - problems with printing a copy return

Online VAT Return - problems with printing a...

I've just submitted my January VAT Return and have gone to print a copy for my records only to find that all of my previous online filing history has been lost, including the return I've just filed!

Has anyone else encountered this problem and had a successful outcome?

HMRC are saying that this is a known problem with their PDF reports - If it's a known issue then why has no warning of this issue been posted?


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09th Feb 2010 19:07

Online Returns Issues

I suggest you speak to the Online Services helpdesk as there may be a probelm with the settings for downloading pdf files from the HMRC website within your internet options section in the browser.

Best of luck.

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09th Feb 2010 21:58

Draft document?

It's irritating but you would still be able to refer to the draft document you used to input the return from.

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10th Feb 2010 09:39

Viewing pdf files


If it is a problem with your settings then you could try this. 

Click on Tools, then Internet Options.

Click on Advanced tab then scroll down to the Security title until you get to "do not save encrypted pages to disk".  This should be ticked.  Click OK and then try again.

Hope this helps.


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By Anonymous
10th Feb 2010 11:42

Now semi-working (for me at least)

I have this same issue. Can view all pdfs from other sites but not HMRC.

Last time I spoke with HMRC online helpdesk, their suggestion involved deleting temporary files and cookies etc, outcome was that I lost various stored passwords and still could not download the pdf.

I've noticed today the system has 'found' the VAT return I submitted for January, and I can do a screenprint of the numbers on screen - which suits my needs.

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By Anonymous
11th Feb 2010 09:41


I'm just stunned that people have actually managed to get through to either the normal VAT helpline or the e-services helpline.  I've been calling all week and keep getting told they are too busy to pick up!.

(ps.  I've also had problems with not being able to view VAT returns once submitted).

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By BeckVik
09th Aug 2010 16:39

Thank you so much!

Just wanted to leave my Thanks as HMRC's technical support was absolutely useless here and even told me that the link to view the pdf statements doesn't work anyway. Great help as always HMRC!



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20th Jul 2011 14:45

Thank you twice

Thank you for this invaluable advice.   Away from my desk, and using a different computer - and (no surprise really) could not download a copy of the VAT Return just filed.   Recalled that I had read something before on Accountingweb on this problem and managed to find you again.

You have saved me so much time and trouble that you should know you are appreciated.

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