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ONS survey with a ridiculous short deadline?

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I know there's a bunch of older threads on annoyed business owners venting about ONS-- just adding to it :-)

Is anyone else peeved with the short deadlines the surveys can have?

For instance, I just received one today. The deadline is 7 days from now. There's a paragraph in their request about being subject to fines if it's not completed on time. I don't mind filling out the surveys (if they're 1-2 questions), but:

  • I've already received plenty, and spent at least 3 hours so far in 2018 speaking on the phone with idiots who seem to ask the same questions 10 different ways for stuff I've already answered, completing and mailing in surveys, or doing the automated telephone types. This is made worse by the fact I've completed both personal and business -- and I own several companies, so tend to get quite a few more than average.
  • The deadlines are unrealistic. What if I was on holiday for a couple of weeks? Or, I dunno, just felt like checking my mail once a month? It seems totally unrealistic to require that a piece of mail definitely be opened, processed, researched well enough to provide accurate answers, and responded to within the space of 5 working days. Am I supposed to wait by the mailbox for the random times there might be a letter from the ONS, on the threat of prosecution?

So annoying!


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05th Oct 2018 16:25

Don’t bother.
I had a client who ignored it, got a chaser letter after 2 months, a phone call & more forceful letter after 3 months, after 6 months a letter that was designed to look like a penalty statement but wasn’t so decided to do it.

Bam, 6 month deadline. Job done.

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