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Opening a UK bank account

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Does anyone here have thoughts on how best foreign companies establishing a subsdiary in the UK can open a UK bank account?  Typically the shareholders and directors of the UK company will be based overseas, and in some instances are unable or unwilling to travel to the UK to present their identification.  In other instances, this is insufficient for the bank purposes anyway.

Has anyone encountered this as an issue and come up with a satisfactory solution?

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By sash100
29th Mar 2019 10:50

Yes its nearly impossible to open an account with an high street bank if you are non resident. HSBC and Barclays used to but now deem too risky opening an account where the directors are based overseas. We have been successful opening an account where the banks in their home country have a branch in UK. There have been instances where because the client was relatively big and had a good relationship with the bank in their own country they were able to open a bank account in the UK by utilising those contacts

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