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Operating under a different name than registered

Operating under a different name than registered

I have recently incorporated for a client. He was operating as a sole trader, involved with fundraising for charity. 

The name he was using involved the word "Charity" which we were not able to use in the business name. 

He has therefore used a similar name for his registered company, but without the word "Charity". 

His website, promotional material etc are all branded with the previous name, which involves "Charity". 

Does he need to completely rebrand, set up a new website etc with the registered business name? I am almost certain the answer is yes but just thought I would double check, as he is not keen to do so...

Thank you.


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06th Dec 2012 20:05

Business Names Act

It is a criminal offence to use the word "charity" in a business name without prior approval from the Secretary of State.

Send your client THIS to read

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By johnt27
07th Dec 2012 11:51

Charities Act too!!

Using the word charity or implying that you are a charity is a breach of the Charities Act as well. If what your client does is charitable in the true sense of the word then dependant upon the income levels he may need to register with the Charity Commission.

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