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Optional Consolidated Accounts

Optional Consolidated Accounts

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I've been asked to produce 2 sets of consolidated accounts for a client (for 31/12/17 and 31/12/18) even though they fall below the exemption. The client wants these to show to potential investors.

If I do that, can those accounts be filed at Companies House, or should they just be for the client's use? I've already submitted Company only accounts for 31/12/17 for the parent company, but I'm wondering whether I can submit consolidated accounts as well. 

They will be unaudited consolidated accounts.




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By johngroganjga
31st Jan 2019 09:32

Yes they can be filed at Companies House, but whether they should be is a decision for your client. What does he say? If he wants to minimise the information about his company on the public record he won't want to of course.

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