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order consolidation software/app?

Is there something that can consolidate orders from multiple sources?

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I have a few clients that use a variety of ways of getting orders & making sales - CrateJoy, Izettle, NOTHS, Etsy ... and so on.

I tend to download excel reports from each place then faff about with them in order to raise invoices in whatever accounting software they use (usually Xero).   This can take a while, even when I do use the import function - I'm wondering if there's an app or something that can go into each 'shop', download the data each day and turn it all into one nice big spreadsheet for me.

Obviously, the bank statement consolidates all the money, but it's the invoice detail I need (dates, items, prices - you get the idea)

Any ideas anyone?


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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
31st Mar 2019 23:55

Sounds like a job for a coder!

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By johnt27
01st Apr 2019 18:42

Some of the stock/inventory and payment services apps will handle some, but not all, of the online selling platforms.

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