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Outlook and auto-filling address fields

Outlook and auto-filling address fields

Outlook 2002 seems to auto-fill the address fields from any recent email address that it has seen, rather than the email addresses in my contacts file.

The problem with this is that if I've ever sent an email to someone called Andrew, that address will always show up every time I want to send an email to a more significant Andrew, that I work with. Likewise, if I receive an email from a work colleague from their home address, you have to be permanently careful not to send emails to this address, rather than the correct address which is stored in the contacts db.

Anyone out there resolved this problem?


Ben Heald


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03rd Jun 2003 13:23

OOOPs missed abit.
Sorry that should be TOOLS, OPTIONS and the then the SEND tab......Dave Kneen

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03rd Jun 2003 13:13

that's quite easy
John and Ben,
Go to TOOLS,OPTIONS, and then uncheck the "automatically coplete email address in composition" and then APPLY & OK, .........that should sort it for you, but you will of course the have to select addressee from address book.
How about having your contact list showing in left lower panel, then if you are sending to one person only, clicking on their name brings up the compose page already listing them in the TO box.
Good luck.
DAve Kneen [email protected]

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By bheald
04th Jun 2003 14:28

Not really what I wanted
John, I just really don't see why the product wasn't built to pick up just the addresses in the address book.

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