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outsourced bookkeeping

outsourced bookkeeping

I have a question related to being outsourced bookkeeper and not being underpaid for all hours I put in. I see that majority of firms are charging per number of transaction or generally monthly fixed fee, which may include vat and payroll. However these charges I reckon don't include time answering clients suppliers emails, setting up and making payments to suppliers and staff, creating additional reporting ie cashflow or sales reconciliation,
How would you charge these, separately or all within same monthly fee?
Also in regards to travelling to clients office do you charge for travel time and travel expense?

Thank you!


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20th Feb 2016 08:43

Monthly/quarterly Rate
Monthly/quarterly, if you provide all services then ensure this is at least 20.00 to 30.00 per hour.

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21st Feb 2016 08:19

Fixed fees

We are very reluctant to do BK on a fixed fee basis. We don't really want BK work, but sometimes taking it on can be the lesser of the two evils..

If the client insists on fixed fee, then we add 20-25% to the quote to cover all the 'unknowns'. I also have a break clause, in that the fixed fee is subject to amendment if the presentation of records deteriorates, or the volume increases a lot.

We always charge for travelling to the clients, but then we have an office open 9am-5pm, 5 days per week so they can drop records off at their convenience.

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By baigsu
25th Feb 2016 18:20

Shirley - If you don't mind me asking, do you find any clients willing to adopt a scan/photo to Dropbox approach? 

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25th Feb 2016 18:30


They email some documents and also drop off prime records at the office. Most just want the easiest method (for them) so they can get rid of it. We have to be quite tough with them, at times.

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