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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone here uses any companies such as PracticeWeb or Mercia for an outsourced content creation agency to produce the likes of tax guides, social media posts, factsheets, budget updates etc. General marketing goods really.

I quite like some of the examples on the Mercia website and they offer some CPD/Compliance assistance too which is always welcomed. The PracticeWeb website isn't offering me much to look at and it seems a bit salesy, but I might have them wrong.

I'm in the process of weighing up a bunch of companies that can help with marketing (only found these two for now for technical content), and will probably link up with a marketing agency for general SEO/PPC etc. unless there are bespoke accountant marketing firms out there that house everything under one roof?

Any input/experience on the accuracy of their technical content and value would be great, interested to know if anyone else has used them.

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By Mr_awol
25th Jun 2020 13:22

The problem with the Mercia newswires etc (and possibly all providers) as I understand it is that they are set by the provider and sent out automatically. This means two things:
1) It's important to get all staff on the mailing list - definitely partners and managers. Early days I had calls from clients asking about something in a newsletter I hadn't seen.
2) Some if it will be totally irrelevant to your client base. Some will remove themselves from the database because they really don't care about the issues raised in one or more issues, and may then miss something they would be keen to see (or might need to know about).

Other than that, it does look a bit rubbish when you google something from 'your' branded newsletter and it comes up with the exact same text on x/y/z accountants' website too. It exposes the generic nature of it, and although you may only email out, others will put it on their website etc so resist the temptation to describe it as something you 'put together' for the clients.

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Della Hudson FCA
By Della Hudson
30th Jun 2020 10:15

I used Practiceweb for budget updates and taxcards as it saved me a lot of time and went out the day after the budget with me having to work through the night.

I also used a mixture of content for our monthly enewsletters. The articles I wrote myself always had the best response as I knew my exact target market (I now write content professionally for accountants and fintechs) but I supplemented these with content from 2020 Innovation so that the process wasn't dependent on me researching everything.

I do all my own social media and always have as this gets the most interaction

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