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Outsourced payroll

Outsourced payroll

A client has asked me to do their payroll.  They currently only have 4 employees, but will probably grow.

I only do a few directors £624 per month payrolls.  Although payroll is not too difficult with the right software, I really can't be bothered to have to be doing this every month, especially when RTI comes along.  I want to just e-mail the client with a few payroll bureaus and let them sort it out.

Can anyone in the community recommend some good bureaus?  I know I could just use Google, but have no idea which are good, which are bad or whether (as I suspect) they are all much of a muchness.

P.S. No blatant plugs from outsourcing companies please, as I am seeking the views of other accountants!


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By mbee1
15th May 2012 12:59

Outsources payroll

I'm surprised you don't offer a bureau payroll service as it can be a good little earner.  I use Iris payroll software for about 15 payrolls all run on a monthly basis and it takes no time at all.  All except one has fixed monthly salaries so can be run at almost any time of the month.  I only have to wait for one to supply me with hours worked for sessional staff.

I suspect RTI might make it more problematical but we shall wait and see.   

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16th May 2012 02:12

How about this?

Hi - a local CVS (Centre for Voluntary Services) setup a side-arm to handle the payrolls of all the charities and voluntary organisations they support and have expanded this to service ordinary businesses with all profits going back to fund their charitable objects.

They have been running for years and even though I have yet to use them I know some of the people personally and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Here's their website

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22nd May 2012 09:27

outsourcing payroll

I use an outsourcing company in India - easy accountants.

Call Ajay on 02079934225

Even though this is a UK number, he picks it up in Indai.


I have not had any problems.


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22nd May 2012 13:25

I use a company called Cintra

I have used these folk for a few years now, they are very efficient and accurate. Each month the client (or I) send them the details of overtime/bonuses/holiday pay etc, they then send out the report to me/my client for checking. Once ok they print the payslips and send either to the employee/the business. They also send soft copies of payslips and all relevent reports via email.

 Some of my clients are just the one-off directors or small runs that don't change month on month. In this instance the agreement is that they will run the payroll as the prior month unless they are told anything different - thus giving me the freedom to holiday when I want.

email [email protected] for a quote, they are quite reasonable for what they provide.


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