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Good evening,

 I would greatly appreciate your input. If you're outsourcing and have had a positive experience, I would like to outsource the Bookkeeping to India. I am worried about Not having the quality of work. I tried to hire a bookkeeper through  recruitment agencies, but whoever was coming through the door was inexperienced, so I finally found somebody myself. Still, I'm finding it extremely difficult to train and review their work as I am busy. Please message me personally if you don't mind helping me provide personal feedback; I would appreciate it.

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By SteveHa
16th Feb 2024 10:45

At one previous employer we outsourced SATR work to India, and at another payroll was outsourced.

My view, by the time we reviewed and fixed the errors we could have probably done it in house more quickly.

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John Toon
By John Toon
16th Feb 2024 11:57

If you go through an outsourcing provider you'll get decent quality. If you try and go direct it can be really difficult to get a quality person that's reliable (same as recruiting in the UK!)

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By Jdopus
16th Feb 2024 15:15

We've found it be quite troublesome and we went through quite a few different outsourcing entities. In every case we found that they would perform the work adequately at first and then very quickly they would become slower and slower and cause more and more errors as they put our job on the backburner.

All of the Indian companies who handle this work see it as a numbers game where quality is a very distant second to the need to push as many jobs out as fast as possible. This was true of 3 or 4 different firms we tried and appears to simply be the work culture in the Indian accounting industry.

We have had more success using outsourcers in the Philippines, the people we're using at the moment seem to have more willingness to retain the work quality.

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Replying to Jdopus:
By SkyHigh
18th Feb 2024 08:29

Thank you for your feedback. Would you be willing to message their details?

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Replying to SkyHigh:
By Jdopus
19th Apr 2024 14:45

Sorry, slow reply here but the answer is no I wouldn't, sorry! They're already quite near capacity with work my business can feed them.

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Replying to winnorsremote:
17th May 2024 15:10

Oh dear!!

They are not resources, they are people..your team which you should have pride in, not units of production.

''£750 per resource'' is that an hourly rate, a week, a month, or a year. I am afraid that information is unhelpful unless you add a time period.

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