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Overdrawn Directors Loan account

How to treat unpaid loan

Would anyone be kind enough to me to spend a few minutes discussing over the phone regarding treatment of an overdrawn directors loan account.

i know it’s sunday but I’m hoping someone is willing to sacrifice a bit of time to help an OP out.

Really looking for positive replies and apologies in advance if post is inappropriate or offensive.



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18th Feb 2018 15:24

It’s our anniversary and our kid’s sick but, hey, I’m on my way over.

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By Ruddles
18th Feb 2018 16:18

I’d like to help but my I was told that it’s rude to talk with one’s mouth full (of beef and Yorkshire puds)

(It’s also rude to be using one’s phone at the dinner table :) )

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18th Feb 2018 17:11

If you could perhaps invest a little time in saying what your problem is .......

I could write a few thousand words - only to find that you knew all that and were looking for the answer to some other problem.

Is it tax ? Is it accounts stuff ? Or what.

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18th Feb 2018 18:09

I wouldn't even speak to my own clients on a Sunday, and they pay me.

I might be happy to type out a helpful response if you could tell us what it is you don't understand?

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19th Feb 2018 09:21

I think you'll have to subscribe to a virtual tax adviser?

Your request wasn't necessarily inappropriate or offensive, just darn right naive.

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19th Feb 2018 15:06

Oh, how i wish i had a mentor......

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to Russell Huk
19th Feb 2018 15:13

Not sure a mentor would have been chuffed being called on a Sunday about something less than vital.

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to Russell Huk
20th Feb 2018 09:16

Let's be clear Russell. This is an "open" forum where accountants and tax advisers, some extremely specialist, meet (on the internet) and "freely" exchange views and opinions, if they so wish.
Why would you assume that someone would have the inclination to; speak with you on the telephone, on a Sunday (of all days) to freely and intimately discuss your enquiry? It really is beyond all realms of reasoned expectation.
If you require that type of assistance then, for a monthly subscription, you can obtain what is known as a virtual tax partner, if tax is what your concern relates to.
If you require hand holding, by an accountant then, I can only suggest, that you venture into your locality and form a relationship with a suitable accountant, who may wish to provide a mentor style arrangement.
There is no such thing as a free lunch, particularly on Sunday!

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19th Feb 2018 15:21

Come on man, spit it out.

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