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Overpaid Tax - refunds to agent

Overpaid Tax - refunds to agent

I have tried to process tax refunds to be paid to me (as nominee & agent) using the HMR&C online service (for over a week).An error message `Please enter the name of your nominee in name of account holder appears (even though the details have been entered).The online help desk have told me every day that they are trying to resolve the problem.Am I the only one affected ?


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14th May 2008 16:51

Do it the old fashioned way...
I have found this year that the only way to get round this problem is to phone the dedicated Agent helpline, explain the problem, and ask them to hit the button from their end.

With the three that this has happened with this tax year, the person on the other end of the phone has been more than happy to oblige, and lo and behold about 48 hours later, their refund and my fees have been put into my client account.

It is irritating that the system isn't working properly, but at least the fall-back works!

Claudia Lowe

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