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Overseas client with non UK business

Overseas client with non UK business

What are the general things to watch out for when working for a client who has an overseas business

Note the following: 

- Owner has only moved to UK 2 months ago

- The business is registered overseas and is trading overseas

- No trading is taking place in the UK

- Owner is bringing in the income earnt overseas into the UK - which is used for day to day living expenses


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By Hansa
14th Apr 2012 22:46

"Watch out for" - In what context?

As a (potential) employer/ee?  

As a (potential) client?

As a (potential) trading partner?

If they only arrived 2 months ago it is unlikely they are yet a UK resident - 50 days in the last tax year, 10 days in this.  In very general terms treat them as one would anyone else from overseas. 

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By nadia_a
14th Apr 2012 22:51

In terms of a potential client...

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By Hansa
14th Apr 2012 23:05

Whatever you normally do I think

and, maybe, ask for a reference from his accountant or lawyer wherever he comes from.

If you don't like the look of him, don't take him on! 

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