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Overseas companies for home based UK citizen

An overseas company (New Zealand) want to offer a UK citizen short-term contract work. How?

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Hi All,

We would like to start a contract with an individual based in the UK. However, we are a NZ based company, what would I / the employee have to set it up? WHat should we be careful of?

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By Tax Dragon
05th Sep 2019 06:30

Do you have a UK branch or PE? Are you looking to establish one?

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By Accountant A
05th Sep 2019 10:40

Freeloader alert:

Posts anonymously - check

Doesn't have the common courtesy to say "please" - check

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By paul.benny
05th Sep 2019 11:06

There are several different questions here

(1) what's the person going to be doing for you in the UK? For example maintaining customer equipment, generating sales leads, carrying out a study to help you decide whether/how to enter the UK market, or something entirely different. Each may carry different implications for UK tax on your business

(2) is this person really going to be an employee - or is this a consultancy project? Probably depends on the answer to (1). "Employment" also tends to suggest that you will be much more directive of the work done, whereas "consultancy" is more about outputs.

(3) How are you going to find the person? That may often drive the employment model. If you hired me, I would probably work through my limited company relieving you of any employment obligations. (Caveat - there are UK regulations called IR35 that could interfere with this)

Turn the question round. If you were talking to a European business wanting to have someone work for them in NZ, how might it look? You'll then be in a better position to ask meaningful questions and get answers that actually speak to your problem. I for one, would be willing to take on this engagement.

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