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Overseas employee - software for payroll

Client employing member of staff overseas - Xero does not support

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Hi everyone,

One of my clients has taken on an overseas employee (Morocco). They have spoken to HR to get advice on staying compliant with tax laws etc.

We currently run the payroll in Xero, but I have been informed that Xero cannot run payroll for an overseas employee.

Most importantly, can anyone recommend a software I can run this payroll on? And any advice from other peoples experience from running a payroll for someone overseas? The advice was this individual needs to apply for a NT tax code, which can take months, so I am left with a reporting issue until we get that code. But I would assume we need to do 'something' to report local tax for employee? 

Thank you very much in advance.


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By Wanderer
25th Nov 2021 09:19

Wouldn't you need to run a Morocan payroll?

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By accountantccole
25th Nov 2021 12:34

If the work is being performed in Morocco - I would expect the employment to be subject to Moroccan employment laws, taxes etc.
Assuming it isn't a director, as that could move some of the company profits into Morocco's jurisdiction too

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