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Overseas head office

If Amazon can do it...

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If a certain beardy person becomes PM on Friday, perhaps I could sell my Ltd Co practice to a Gibraltar company with a non-resident director/shareholder? - to cut out the corporation tax, if not the personal tax? IE, UK company pays admin charges to Gibco (managed in Spain)? This question is bound to come up a lot, especially if Vladimir Ilyich McDonnell becomes CofEx.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
10th Dec 2019 11:57

Put the Telegraph down.

Deep breath

All that relentless propaganda over many months and years rots the brain.

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By Richard Grant
10th Dec 2019 13:49

It's a bit more complex than that. (in fact a lot more). Good fun mental games but be very careful.

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By lionofludesch
10th Dec 2019 13:12

You want to do this on Friday 13th ??

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By itp3e
10th Dec 2019 13:17

Contact Silvio Berlusconi. He has Legion experience in these matters and will sort it for you. For a price of course.

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By Tax Dragon
10th Dec 2019 13:38

Your opening lines about overseas head offices and beardy fellows had me thinking you were getting in the Christmas spirit.

I kinda wish I'd stopped reading at that point.

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By sculptureofman
10th Dec 2019 13:43

It's incredible how many usually sensible people have been brainwashed by the right-wing press.

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By AnnAccountant
10th Dec 2019 17:26

After every Panorama programme etc, I get some shady "Entrepreneur"/big thinker/self declared genius phoning me up with various schemes like this.

The "If Amazon can do it" line tends to be used by those with the greatest distance between their arrogance and their ability.

But crack on if you want. Good luck getting bitten by a load of rules that international companies can easily swerve, but that an owner-manager working and living in the UK cannot. That's just for starters

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By justsotax
10th Dec 2019 15:12

Presumably you intend staying in the UK because its well policed, has a health system that won't check for credit cards at the door, well maintained roads and infrastructure, low crime etc....because it ain't because of the weather....

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Hallerud at Easter
10th Dec 2019 17:11

Of course there is the opposite possibility with Boris- requiring to establish your company / another company within the EU and trying to get said country to recognise your UK professional qualifications/memberships so that the 80% of your current sales, that currently are to companies within other EU member states, will remain possible given no qualification recognition means your clients will need to use a different firm still recognised in the EU re the QP work you undertake.

All you need to be is a Qualified Person in the pharmas industry and this is what you could currently be facing, or it certainly is what my brother in law is currently facing. ( And the UK is so prepared there is actually no UK guidance yet available to QPs, currently the only people willing to offer any guidance to him are the regulatory bodies in Malta and Ireland)

Still, it is only his living.

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By carnmores
11th Dec 2019 12:57

Dear Mr Scrooge

Bob Cratchett is unable to travel due to family commitments even though the weather will be more clement.

PS you are correct about McDonald IMO

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