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P11D and s.223 alternative.

Whhat to enter on P11D and where?

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Had no joy posting this first time around but am still no nearer to a solution (and HMRC have been typically unhelpful) so giving it one more try and hoping for the best before I have to submit something tomorrow. 

Client was involved in a tax avoidance scheme (not promoted by us) and came to a settlement agreement with HMRC.  They have just forwarded a copy of ther agreement and it contains the following paragraph:

As the company has chosen to return the PAYE to be paid by the company on the employee’s behalf on the employee’s P11d by 6 July 2019. There is no s.223 charge in the contract settlement. This will be collected through the employee’s Self-Assessment return.

The S.223 charge would have been approximately £10k tax and £2k NIC.

How (where) do I enter these figures on to the P11D and what figures do I need to include? Is the tax and NIC the benefit meaning the class 1a will be based on the £12k with the same £12k being entered on the employees tax return?

Apologies if the answer to this is obviosu but it's a first for me and I want to ensure I complete it correctly.

Thanks in advance to any / all who can assist.

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