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P11D filing format error - help!

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Hi, I have raised a query with HMRC technical but if anyone can help me quicker on here.

We are trying to file a P11D for a client in our PAYE account with a car benefit but no fuel benefit. It accepts all the car calculations, and 0.00 for accessories etc However for Fuel it doesn't accept 0.00 or 0 or nothing. It says its a format error. 

Any clues as we are getting close to filing deadline? I'm guessing its something simple.


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By lionofludesch
01st Jul 2019 10:30

Sounds more like you've accidentally ticked the wrong box somewhere.

What software are you using ? Always useful information ...

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By Kaylee100
02nd Jul 2019 10:55

Its was in our HMRC account. My payroll manager was struggling and so did I but then I tried again and it was OK, so fingers crossed. They've paid the NIC and I am preparing his tax return now, so all the tax will be paid correctly and the print off says submitted. Hopefully we are AOK now.

Thanks for your help.

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