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P11D Private medical insurance; Family BIK?

What to report in the fields "Cost to you / amt foregone" & "Amt made good / from which tax deduct"?

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I have an employee who has subscribed to family PMI. As an employer I pay a portion of the premium and the employee pays the rest via PAYE (net). On the P11D, there is some confusion on what to report in the fields "Cost to you or amount foregone" and "Amount made good or from which tax deducted".

Please can someone point me to any guidance or advise in what should be reported?

Annual Premium: 2250

Employer Pays: 900

Employee Pays: 1350

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By SteveHa
23rd Jul 2020 13:48

Cost to you £2,250
Amount made good £900

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Replying to SteveHa:
By Wilson Philips
23rd Jul 2020 13:54

Are you sure?

There's another point here that often gets overlooked. From the sound of it, the benefit is liable to Class 1 NI and not Class 1A NI.

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