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Does anyone know of a good P11D producing software. Appreciate there's not much competition in this market due to the fact that less and less need to be filed. We've always used TaxShield, who we thought are fantastic. But we've had a recent support issue with them, and after quite a baffling response from there support are looking elsewhere. Anyone know of any good software out there? Appreciate a lot of people payroll BIK's now, but its quite difficult to do this on beneficial loans, unless a clients book-keeping is up to date

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By D V Fields
07th Jun 2024 19:02

Although there is no excuse for poor customer service, unless the issue is unforgivable sometimes “better the devil you know.”

I use them and have found them helpful. The main issue for me is remembering how to use it after a whole year has elapsed. It is perhaps not the most intuitive piece of software but I’ve found it doesn’t take too long to work out how to export/import data and this year I’ve uploaded the payroll benefiting schedule.

Presumably at some point the employer costs will go through RTI and there will be less and less need for it. Silly me!

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By FactChecker
07th Jun 2024 22:11


... but be aware that software developers are winding down their efforts (or in some cases fully withdrawing) with regard to P11D submissions - which, given HMRC's views on trying to kill it, is not that surprising.

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By AdamJones82
09th Jun 2024 10:51

Does your payroll software not have it built in?

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Replying to AdamJones82:
By FactChecker
09th Jun 2024 17:51

Probably depends mostly on what OP means by "good P11D producing software"?

Many, but no means all, Payroll software added the ability to submit P11Ds online (and to print off a copy for the individual employee) at some point in the last decade; but generally that's all they did - so no calculations and often no P11D(b).
There were never more than 3 or 4 'specialist' P11D providers in the market at a time ... who, like TaxShield, did the whole thing (but often had negligible integration with Payroll).

Fast forward to HMRC's promotion of 'Payrolling benefits' and most developers decided that further research/development was now pouring good money after bad ... so no P11D enhancements within Payroll products, and the slow withdrawal of the specialists.
Which is where we are right now ...

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Pile of Stones
By Beach Accountancy
13th Jun 2024 22:36

Moneysoft Payroll Manager has a P11D tool built in. I'm only just starting to use it but looks good.

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