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P11d software

P11d software

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It is P11d season and looking for some software to do them for clients.

I currently use taxcalc to do accounts and tax returns but don't think they have a P11d module.

Is there any software anyone would recommend?

Have seen a package called taxshield which look to do what I need and is reasonably priced.  Anyone any experience of this?

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By ACDWebb
25th Apr 2014 13:11

Have you looked at

THIS as another option?

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By Euan MacLennan
25th Apr 2014 13:31

Or ...

Moneysoft which has full P11D functionality.

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By RockyRock
28th Apr 2014 16:55

P11d Manager by Taxshield


I have used P11d Manager by Taxshield for a number of years now and have found it excellent. You can have it as either a disc to install or via an online portal which is the one I use at the moment.

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