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P2 Notice of Coding - Agents' copy discrepancy

P2 Notice of Coding - Agents' copy discrepancy

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A client emailed her latest P2 Notice of Coding. Shortly afterwards, I received my own (belated) copy from HMRC.

I noticed that on the one sent to the taxpayer/employee, the heading states "Your tax code for the year 6 April 2010 to 5 April 2011 is 291T, which replaces 344P."

My copy completely omits the reference to the previous tax code.

Why is that, I wonder, if I am being sent what purports to be a copy of what has been sent to my client?

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By alansmoore
19th Apr 2010 14:43


A client received  a coding notice dated 9th Feb stating a tax code of BR and I have received a notice dated 22nd March (Received today) stating that it is 647L.(Checked with client and they haven't received anything new, neither would there have been a reason to change it)


Wonder how many others have been sent out like this?

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