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P35 - nil return?

P35 - nil return?


If a company is registered for PAYE but actually made no salary payments during the year and submitted nil returns on a quarterly basis does it need to submit a P35 or must it submit a nil return P35?


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11th May 2012 07:53

Nil P35

... just google 'filing a NIL P35' and you will find the structured email on the HMRC site.

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By DMGbus
11th May 2012 08:46

And don't forget P11D notification

The eMail notification system to HMRC covers both P35 and P11D in one screen...

you have to tick two of the three boxes, the first box says no P35 due,. then tick one of the remaining ones to certify if a P11D is due or the other if P11D is not due.

Here's the link...

Also, consider notifying no PAYE payment due quarterly at...


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