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P35 Online Filing

P35 Online Filing

What a nightmare!

We tried to file tests of two payrolls yesterday (including at 11pm) but apparently failed to reach the Revenue sercer (it kept polling) Today we received five confirmations of successful filing. When we tried to ring the Electronic Business Helpline, we were advised that they had a high volume of calls and couldn't deal with any more calls !!!

Where do we go from here!


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By Bluffer
17th Apr 2005 19:32

Any updates on this thread?
Now that 10 days have passed since the fiasco commenced, has anybody had any joy in receiving reliable acknowledgement of receipt of electronic filing.

I filed on 13 April using IR software and received immediate acknowledgement from

"[email protected]"

that submission was suceesful.

Today I note that my client list shows that the return has not been submitted and to add insult to injury, all the permanent employer and employee details on the record have disappeared. It is as if I never actually set up the employer/employees and never filed the return.

Is anybody else as fed up as me?

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18th Apr 2005 13:14

P35 On Line filing
I haven't taken the plunge yet and have read many comments which make me wonder whether to bother? I was going to have a go at filing some of the P35s on Saturday but my business server was down all day. Has anyone been totally successful in filing more than one scheme?


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07th Apr 2005 11:21

P35 online filing
Yesterday, I sent the same P35 to the Inland Revenue via the online filing through Moneysoft. I sent it again this morning. Each time the process seemed to hang at the "waiting for acknowledgement from the Inland Revenue" stage, so I cancelled the process after, in one case, waiting for 15 minutes.
Today, I have just received three acknowledgements via e-mail from the Inland Revenue stating that the submission of the P35 was successful and that it is being processed.
It would appear that the Inland Revenue cannot cope with providing an acknowledgement when you actually submit the return presumably due to overloading of their servers but that it is actually being submitted and received by them.
The Inland Revenue's web site states that they have now adopted a " receive now and process later" approach and that the processing will take place over the next few weeks. They also state that as long as one has documentary evidence that the submission was successful, but it fails their subsequent processing, you will get your £250 and there will be no penalty even if the the P35 has to be resubmitted.
Is anyone really surprised that this has descended into chaos. Did one expect anything else from a new service?
Is anyone aware of any new IT project set up by the government working successfully first time?

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07th Apr 2005 12:39

For Nigel...
Nigel, when you say you recieved acknowledgements stating that the submission was successful and is being processed, can you tell me which area of the IR generated these messages.

Did it come from '[email protected]'?

If it did then this is just an acknowledgement that the submission has been recieved by the government gateway and doesn't neccessarily mean that your submission has been received by the Revenue's year end processing system.

You need to wait until you receive a receipt from the IR processing system before you can guarantee that they have received it.

At the moment, they don't appear to be sending these receipts out, so nobody knows if it is working.

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07th Apr 2005 14:26

I just knew it was going to be a fiasco when I received a snailmail instruction from Govt Gateway saying click "Activate" when there was no such word on the webpage, let alone a link button. Wonder how much IR/Govt.Gateway paid for the design of all this? I could have done a better job on Microsoft Front Page. I haven't even tried to file yet; waiting for the dust to settle. The CSA computer still isn't working properly yet after 2 years and the staff apparently are not allowed any paperwork - is this IR service going to go the same way?

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07th Apr 2005 14:39

P35 filing
Dave - the email did indeed come from [email protected].
I believe the IR would have difficulty in charging a fine if they had already acknowledged that they had received the P35!
However, just to be on the safe side, I re-re-re-re-submitted it and this time got an acknowledgement after about five minutes.
Looks like some progress is being made at the IR's end at long last.

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By Anonymous
07th Apr 2005 10:21

It was expected (ie crap service). If they want every business to ultimately file online, they must surely extend the deadline?

Wait until you have to file your SA return online!

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By Anonymous
07th Apr 2005 10:32

EBU line engaged
You don't even get through to the apology before they cut you off. At the moment, even the number is engaged :-((

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