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P35 penalty notice received for 2007-08

P35 penalty notice received for 2007-08

I have received a penalty notice today issued 31/01/2013 for not filing a p35 for 05/04/2008. Penalty £100.00. Why has this been issued now? Why haven't they charged £100 per month?  The company has paid no remunaration but filed a P11d. Records are in archive. Can HMRC raise a penalty now with no previous notice for non-filing as far as I can find? Can't honestly say a P35 was filed without looking in my archives but I have told HMRC that one was!


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By ACDWebb
04th Feb 2013 14:32

Have you telephoned to query this?

Had one for 11/12 for which a Nil online return had been submitted and accepted. I was told that somewhere along the way the scheme had been resurrected, which had caused a new P35 to be issued, that they could see that this was incorrect, and that the penalty would be cancelled immediately

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