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P35 problem

P35 problem

I am using Pegasus Opera II version 7.00 to prepare & submit my year end payroll returns.

The P32 Employer payment record agrees with my substitute P35 but when I submit the figures online there is a problem with what is being reported in box 4 of the P35  - it is reporting the combined Income Tax and Student Loan deductions, then reporting the Student Loan deductions again as a separate value in Box 10. The result is that the P35 then assumes I still have a balance to pay, equal to box 10 when it has already been paid.

I've spoken to a Pegasus support team who say they have not come across this before. I've also spoken to HMRC online services who are not aware of any error at their end. Is anyone else aware of this problem? I have checked that all the monthly records agree 100% with the P32 and with each individual P60 and don't know how to resolve this.

Any help would be appreciated...... 


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01st May 2012 08:28

Refer it back to Pegasus

Box 4 simply shouldn't include student loan. End of story.

No point in discussing this with HMRC, the problem is nothing to do with them.

Pegasus needs to work out what is going on; they'll probably need a copy of the data or to use a service like "join.me" if this isn't a known issue.

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01st May 2012 10:47

Software technical support

Never believe a help desk that says they have not seen a problem before.

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to Patricia McCartney
01st May 2012 11:17

In all fairness...

petersaxton wrote:

Never believe a help desk that says they have not seen a problem before.

In all fairness it sounds as if it is likely to be something unusual. And since it has *got* to be fixed the helpdesk has nothing to gain from feigning ignorance. When you've got thousands of users you see the same problems more often, but also the sample of people to make odd mistakes (and at least one possibility occurs to me here, though I know little of the workings of Opera) is larger too, and you certainly do see new problems for the first time.

But whether they've seen it before or not they still need to work out what to do to help the OP file in the next 18 days. That is the key point.

My first port of call if I were Opera technical support would be to tell the OP to study the P11s and see what they say. The P35 is just the P11s added up, for the most part. Surprisingly many supposed problems with P35 are resolved once someone looks carefully at what the P11s say, and why they say it.

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