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p35 registration - will they make the deadline?

p35 registration - will they make the deadline?

A family who have been employing a nanny have just realised that a P35 needs to be done for 2011-12. They are not yet registered as an employer.

There is no tax/NI to pay as earnings are between the LEL & primary threshold.

If they register now, any ideas whether they will make the 19th May deadline (getting PAYE ref & online ID etc)

Any tips to speed things up?

Thanks in advance!


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01st May 2012 22:55

Ought to be OK, I think

If they get on with it (register as an employer tomorrow morning, and then enrol for PAYE online as soon as they receive their tax office employer reference) they should manage it in time, I think.

If the employer reference is a bit delayed then an agent could still file for them but there is more than 2 weeks and in my experience HMRC is reasonably quick about new registrations and enrolments.

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By DMGbus
02nd May 2012 08:45

Recent actual example...

Set up PAYE scheme online on 11th April 2012, first pay day to be 30th April 2012.

Same day receive an acknowlegment saying "

Thank you for your email.

We will not proceed with your scheme at this time as you have indicated that you do not

intend to pay anyone until the new tax year.

Due to annual system upgrades we will complete your registration shortly after April 6th


We have saved your details so there is no need to reply or re-apply nearer the time. We

will email you when the registration is complete.

If you want to discuss this matter please either email us, or call us on 0845 607 0143 /

0845 714 3143 (Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm; Sat: 8am-4pm) "

Then on 1st May 2012 receive from client HMRC letter dated 20th April 2012 giving PAYE references, client says received this 20th April letter on 1st May.





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