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P800 for taxpayer in Self Assessment

Anyone else seen this example of HMRC efficiency?

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Has anyone else come across this? A client of ours has just received a P800 for 2015/16, which interestingly includes a figure for property income. At the same time HMRC website shows they are awaiting the clients 2016 tax return.

As I've not made the calculations yet, nobody knows what the property income is. Roll on MTD when a wave of a smartphone will make everything perfect!

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By SteveHa
18th Nov 2016 09:32

Yes. HMRC are crap. Ring the ADL and have them cancel the P800.

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By Jane S-D
18th Nov 2016 09:35

Yes, I've had some of these. At least one where the return had been submitted back in July! Muppets!

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By Mister E
18th Nov 2016 12:38

Watch for these, I can see that a TR done with P60 figs on and not realising that HMRC has made a repayment of the tax on P60 (or some of it) separately.

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